General Testimonials
Chris M.
May 11, 2016
"Steve, Joe, and William have above and beyond work ethic, making sure everything is timely submitted, and all parties are certified on every project."
Ricka C.
April 9, 2016
"Even when a project has slipped my mind and I submit it with little time to get parties certified, the staff at South Florida Contractor Services makes sure to make my needs a priority. The whole process is simplified by their attention to detail. We will be referring all of our subcontractors!"
Neil R.
March 5, 2016
"All employees will go out of their way to make sure I understand the Notice to Owner processes and even assist me with unrelated matters to make my jobs easier, so I can focus on my trade instead of collections."
Julian N.
December 17, 2015
"Always professional and courteous, SFCS, Inc., get the owners of my projects notified quickly. This has always helped my company get paid quickly so that we can pay our suppliers."